it’s a company that makes projects and implementation of solutions in the area of Information Technologies (Data Communications and System Integration).


Created in 1993, IEMS started to be one installer of TV reception systems (terrestrial and satellite). Rapidly it’s dynamics allowed the acquisitions of know-how in the support and passive infrastructure of data networks. This became it’s primary activity during the next 5 years.

Trying to follow the emergent necessities of the IT market, as a complement on it’s main activity, in 1998, IEMS searched for know-how in the active infrastructure data network areas (switching and routing). A knowledge update allowed to gather competencies that allowed to globally comprise all the local data communications (with or without wires), routing, firewall and UTM.

In the year 2000, has a response of costumers demands, IEMS as opened it’s north’s branch office in Vila Nova de Gaia (Oporto).

Later on, trying to offer a global service, IEMS decided to open a telephony department, with qualified technicians in the area of traditional and IP telephony.

In this last years and once again trying to respond to the market needs, IEMS seek knowledge in complementary areas as UPS systems, datacenter installations, video surveillance, access security systems , among others.


To be able to supply our customers with services, products and solutions that could fit their needs, creating long lasting commercial relationships.

The acquaintance, behaviors and trust of all our employees are main reason of our success. Only this way we could create and implement quality solutions that fit’s the market needs.

Gographical area of operations

Our geographical area of operations includes Portugal’s main land with own teams and the islands thought trusted partners. However our operations are not limited to the Portuguese territory our services were already needed thought all European continent and Africa.