Brands and Partners

Trough the last years IEMS,Lda has tried to wide his solution’s offer, trying to fit the IT market needs. To reach this goal has tried to establish partnerships with the main manufactures in each area of operation, so it can guarantee the quality of the products supplied.

Passive Network Components

IEMS sells and certifies among others passive network equipments:

Brand Rex-IEMS Nexans-IEMS     Panduit-IEMS Televes-IEMS    Teka-IEMS   Fte-IEMS

And test and certification equipment (copper and fiber optics cabling systems):


Active Network and Security Devices

We install and configure network electronic devices for all kind of networks, Layer 2/3/4 switching equipment, WiFi (workgroup and building to building) and also routing and network security devices. Has main partners we have:

Cisco-IEMS     HP-IEMS   3com-IEMS   Avaya-IEMS Nortel-IEMS   Alcatel-IEMS  Aruba-IEMS   Allied-IEMS   Netgear-IEMS   Meru   Sonicwall-IEMS   Draytek-IEMS  DLink-IEMS  Alvarion-IEMS   Enterasys-IEMS  

Telephony Devices

Our telephony department has skills that allow the supply and configuration of legacy and IP telephony systems, which can target from small to big corporate solutions and/or call center solutions.

Alcatel-IEMS  Plantronics-IEMS 

Video Surveillance Devices

These days video surveillance is getting more and more importance and the technologies are so alike other IEMS skills, so we can also supply solutions in that particular area

Vivotek-IEMS  DLink-IEMS  Acti-IEMS   Axis-IEMS

Power Protection and Distribution Systems

We also have skills to supply and install electrical circuit protection systems that can scale from a simple UPS for desktop protection to a large scale or datacenter UPS/power distribution systems.

APC  Socomec  Inverter-IEMS  Salicru-IEMS